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Christian Weight Loss .com is part of Dominion Books (the publisher of the You're A Big Fat Sinner book). This short booklet has proved to be an incredible tool for Christians who struggling to lose weight. The printed book can still be ordered from the Dominion Books website.

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As more stories and testimonies come in continually, we will collect some of the best ones and post them here on this website at Christian Weight Loss .com. If you have a testimony you'd like to share, you can do some by filling out the form on this page: Share Your Testimony.

Christian Weight Loss Questions

The most common questions that people have about Christian Weight Loss can be found on this page: Christian Weight Loss FAQ. Thank you for visiting Christian Weight Loss .com. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Press Release

Christian Weight Loss Website Reveals Biblical Secret to Weight Loss

Dominion Books has just launched their new website at which provides customers the opportunity to purchase the popular book, “You’re A Big Fat Sinner and It’s Time Somebody Told You the Truth” in eBook and audiobook format. The eBook comes in both PDF and ePub format and also includes 5 coaching videos that teach Christians how to lose weight.

The book was written by Pastor Diego Rodriguez and in the book, he shares the Biblical secret he learned that caused him to lose nearly 100 pounds and keep it off for nearly 10 years now. He contends that anybody can do this, but in particular, he would like to see and help Christians lose weight.

Most Christian weight loss programs follow the same ideas and principles as secular weight loss programs, but this website and book are completely different. Pastor Rodriguez does not teach about diets, calorie counting, exercise, etc. No, in fact, the book actually teaches that fat people should not exercise when trying to lose weight. No, the Christian weight loss principles explained in the book are completely different than anything anybody has produced. And, the results are virtually guaranteed.

Christian Weight Loss dotcom is a division of Dominion Books, a book publishing ministry. For more information about this Christian Weight Loss program, visit the website at

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